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  Balachandra Menon

‘Balachandra Menon’ is name dear and familiar to Malayalee population across the world, as a director of films, an actor, singer, writer and much more. And he has successfully realized his dream to be a director of film and became much more. While he was a pre-degree student in Fathima Matha College, Quilon (Kollam), he wrote a story in the college magazine, imagining himself as a prospective film director which showed his ambition in life. Through step by step creative efforts, he not only became a popular director, but also an actor, producer, singer and writer.

Balachandra Menon graduated from university college Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) and later came out with first rank in Journalism from Press Club. Then he became a film correspondent for the Malayalam magazine ‘Kunkumam’.
He made his entry in to the film industry in the year 1978, with the film’ Uthrada Rathri’, directed by himself. He went to Madras to become a director of cinema and established himself in the Malayalam film industry. Then there was no looking back.

  Balachandra Menon

I grew up participating in numerous completions and winning prizes and praises, at school, collge and University levels. My favorite items were story, singing, and acting in which I won so many prizes. Actually my life as an actor, began on the drama stage, while I was in Kollam. The first time I appeared in a professional drama was in ‘Red Street’ written by Kollam Suresh. That was the real beginning in my first professional play.

After this initiation into the serious art, I got the opportunity to write a drama and direct it, for a drama troupe organized by Shri. T.J Jacob, a teacher of Fathima Matha college, Kollam. That too expanded my talents and nourished the artist in me. After degree course, I took up journalism course at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan Intitute during 1975-78. I passed the exam with gold medal in reporting section of the journalism course. Soon I got appointment as ‘Time of India’ correspondent. But, by that time my whole being was wishing to enter the cinema field, to express myself  as an artist with vision and dreams. With such desires and urges, inside, I gave up the first job and desided to become a correspondent for same cinema production. So I approached ‘Kumkumam’ weekly published from Kollam and got appointment as their Madras (Chennai) correspondent.



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